Another Day, Another Clever #HireMe Campaign

This one’s for a recent grad named Bianca Cadloni, who really really wants to work for Chipotle.

Her website mimics the Chipotle napkin style pretty well and makes a case for Cadloni’s desire to become the company’s social media and public relations coordinator.

In fact, she says: “When I saw the job listing for social media and public relations coordinator, my heart skipped a beat. It was as if my love of PR, social media and Chipotle came together to give birth to the job description I had been dreaming of since I took my first bite of a sustainable chicken taco. “

Her website has different sections highlighting her PR, social media, advertising and writing experience, and her Twitter smartly pictures her sipping from a Chipotle cup and holding guac. She’s clearly passionate about the company and the big burritos… which is admirable even if we personally don’t understand it.

According to Corn On The Job, Bianca launched her campaign just last week, so there’s not much news to report yet on whether Chipotle has given her a call. But we wouldn’t be surprised if she got some attention from employers fairly soon.

Since these things usually end up differently than the campaign creators imagine (exhibit A, B and C: the “Google Please Hire Me” guy landed a job at SigFig), we’re interested to see how this pans out. But props to Cadloni for her creative approach.

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