Anthony Anderson Gives Away iPad 2, Movie Credits and a Car to his Followers

Actor Anthony Anderson is giving away goodies to his new followers on Twitter. Perhaps best known for his roles in Hustle and Flow and as a recurring detective on Law & Order, Anderson is looking to boost his profile through a couple of big ticket giveaways. But while an incentive is a great way to grow your follower count quickly, I’d be wary of following in Anderson’s footsteps unless you can keep your new followers engaged after the prizes have been doled out.

Anderson (@AndersonAnthony) re-joined Twitter in November, but didn’t start to really tweet until about mid-March – and since then, he’s been churning out dozens of tweets per day.

But just tweeting apparently isn’t enough for Anderson. He’s spicing things up with some pretty cool giveaways to his loyal followers.

He first promised to give away a iPad 2 to one of his first 20,000 followers. And he followed through:

And he’s been in contact with the winner over Twitter, who we assume will be receiving his or her fantastic prize sometime soon.

But that’s not all – Anderson is also going to incorporate the names of his first 100,000 followers into a new film that he is producing. That’s right: all 100,000 names will be added to the movie, somehow. Anderson explains:

“Everybody please follow me on Twitter… When I reach 100,000 followers, we’re incorporating all 100,000 people into this film that we’re producing at the end of the year. We have no idea (how). Names, cameos, characters, names of cities and streets, we will incorporate all 100,000 people.”

I can’t even fathom how they’re going to fit 100,000 names into a single movie, but if you’ve ever wanted your name in lights, you’d best follow Anderson soon. According to TwitterCounter, Anderson is set to break past the 100,000 follower mark in just 11 days.

And no, it doesn’t stop there. Anderson will also be giving away a car when he reaches the half million count.

via Contact Music