Weiner Thrusts Himself Back in Spotlight

As former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) attempts to res-erect his political career by maybe running for Mayor of New York, this week he took the next step by bringing back his infamous Twitter account. As has been reported, he has changed the name. Instead of @repweiner he’s now @anthonyweiner. A clean slate, perhaps?

News of his new account is on the rise.

How did everyone handle it?

Weiner Gets Trumped

Always a class act, Donald Trump welcomed Weiner back with all the warmth of a frozen hotdog. “Pervert alert. is back on twitter. All girls under the age of 18, block him immediately,” he wrote on Twitter.

AP Formalities

Even the AP couldn’t contain themselves and included the words “disgrace” and “lewd.” “Ex-NY Rep. Anthony Weiner back on Twitter 2 years after he was disgraced upon tweeting lewd photo of self.”

WaPo Flacidly Whacks Weiner

WaPo holds back in their tweet, writing only, “Weiner returns to Twitter.” But in their story they go into slight attack mode, writing, “Well, look who returned to the scene of the crime!” wrote The Reliable Source gossip column. And then they return to coy and lame, writing, “Weiner, now publicly mulling a political comeback with a possible bid for New York mayor, resigned from Congress two years ago after he — well, you remember.

 Weiner As One-Man Chippendales Show?

Unlike Washington, New York mags aren’t afraid to get in your face. Such as Gothamist, who writes, “Ladies, Anthony Weiner is Back on Twitter With A New Handle.” New York Magazine’s Intelligencer blog, meanwhile, writes, “Anthony Weiner Rejoins Twitter in Second-Worst Way Possible.” The story begins, “Yes, a crotch shot would be worse.” And PBS and NBC’s Jeff Greenfield goes all The Onion on us by writing, “NY Post Headline Writers Walk-Out After Editor Imposes Limit of 12 Genitalia-References Per Day on Anthony Weiner Stories.”

And the Strait-laced…

ABC World News: Returns To Twitter Amid Mayoral Speculation”

Drudge: “Anthony Weiner Creates New TWITTER Account”



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