Weiner Dick Jokes (Continued…)

We’re thinking coffee table book.

Ever since New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner even broached res-erecting his political career, every time he comes up in the media, it’s always with a small element of news followed by a dick joke and a laugh. It’s almost like it’s considered sacrilege for a publication to not somehow allude to his penis.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC, one editor remarked on Weiner being “in the flesh” and couldn’t help but crack up. There was nothing funny, really. But Weiner. In the flesh. His penis. One thing leads to another.

Today’s Weiner penis gallery comes from Weiner himself and then subsequently Newsbusters, who couldn’t help bringing up the inevitable images conjured by Weiner saying he was “leaning forward.” Leaning forward. Leaning over. It’s all the same thing. Newsbusters, of course, pricked (sorry, this is involuntary at this point) him for using the lefty MSNBC feature title, but the contributing writer, Mark Finkelstein, also gets on him for conjuring up — what else? — a sex act involving Weiner’s weiner.

His lede works quite well: “MSNBC and Anthony Weiner: made for each other like a frank and a bun?” And he concludes by writing, “If you were Weiner’s campaign consultant, might you advise him to avoid the expression—and the disturbing imagery it could bring to the mind of voters?”

True enough, Weiner leaning anywhere is an easy leap to his beef whistle.

And the media circus continues…