Any Life Left in iPad e-Magazines?

How are those new e-magazines for the iPad faring? It is a bit hard to tell since some magazines have wisely adopted the process of allowing in-app purchases. Time magazine, for example, went from $4.99 per app-issue (single issue embedded in a single app) to a free app that lets you pay $4.99 per issue as an in-app purchase.

I took a quick look at Apple’s Top Grossing iPad Apps list despite this known issue to get a rough idea for how things are going. Here’s what I found:

#66 Vanity Fair Magazine ($4.99)
#68 Popular Science ($4.99)
#76 GQ Magazine ($2.99)

Is there any life to this current generation of e-magazines for the iPad? I think there could be. But, publishers need to create a more engaging app at price that customers feel matches the value of the app and its contents.

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