AOL Adds One New Perk (The Most Important One)

Well, it still ain’t Google, but Aolers have one thing to be happy about: free coffee.

Until now, nobody except employees at HQ were able to get their cuppa joe gratis. Really? Have any of you worked at a place where there was no coffee? Even tiny shops we’ve visited, worked in, or hung out at have had a good old Bunn O Matic…or those awful one-cup pod systems.

Anyway, we hope not to turn this post into a coffee discussion. Back to Aol: Business Insider points out that this news “may seem trivial…because it is.”

But it also signals the company’s interest in a startup-ish culture, where things are nimble and fast and fun, not old and ingrained. Plus, how can you get any work done without coffee?

photo: Refracted Moments(tm)

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