AP CEO Outlines Steps to Press Freedom

AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt gave a speech today at the National Press Club to lay out a plan to ensure press freedoms in the aftermath of DOJ secretly seizing AP phone records.

He outlined five steps to safeguarding freedoms. They include a chance to be heard before docs are taken, judicial oversight, updated guidelines at DOJ (he says they’re antiquated), enacting a federal shield law and assurance of follow-up to what AG Eric Holder has stated regarding reporters: “The Justice Department will not prosecute any reporter for doing his or her job. The Department should not criminalize — or threaten to criminalize — journalists for doing their jobs, such as by calling them co-conspirators under the Espionage Act, as they did Fox reporter James Rosen. This needs to be part of an established directive, not only limited to the current administration.”

Pruitt’s full remarks are on the AP website. See them here.