AP Makes Pushed Breaking News Easier to Find in the AP Mobile iPhone App

AP (Associated Press) claims they are the first iPhone news app that uses the iPhone OS 3’s Push technology to display breaking news on the iPhone. And, to the best of my knowledge, this is true. The odd thing was that you sometimes had to hunt around for the pushed news item.

AP Breaking News Alerts: Pushed and on your Front Page

AP Mobile’s new enhanced behavior deals with this by placing the news alert item at the top of its front page and highlighting it red. It isn’t clear to me if this new behavior happens with the current 3.1 release or requires an update.

AP doesn’t send these breaking news items very often (which I consider a good thing, by the way). So, it is not something I can readily test. In fact, I’d like know how AP decides which news items should be a breaking item. Some of the few breaking news items I vaguely recall seeing didn’t seem as other important news items that happened around the same time.

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