AP News Boss Tom Curley Has a Brilliant Idea

At the World Media Summit in Beijing, Tom Curly and Rupert Murdoch gave speeches about pay content. Murdoch’s sounded menacing and creepy, maybe that’s just the translation.

Curly though had the most clever idea, the most Internet friendly, the most not throwing the whole model out and starting from scratch idea, we’ve heard in a while:

Curley said in a speech earlier this week in Hong Kong that the AP was considering selling news stories to some online customers exclusively for a certain period, perhaps half an hour.

The AP licenses its stories and photographs to many of the Internet’s main hubs, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN, and its work is also used by hundreds of Web sites owned by newspapers and broadcasters. Currently, they all get the material at the same time.

Brilliant. Content has a shelf life. Have a different price for fresh goods.

Via I Want Media

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