AP Reaches Agreement with Union

The News Guild and the Associated Press have reached an agreement – albeit a tentative one – that increases pay, but does not stop layoffs for AP staffers. Pro: More money! Con: Might not be there to get that money.

According to Poynter, union President Tony Winton released a memo explaining the 33 month long deal, explaining, “The bargaining committee believes this is the best deal possible short of more intense mobilization activities, up to and including a strike.”

As part of the deal, there will be three 1.5 percent salary raises, and while AP workers cannot be let go for freelancers, they can be laid off. There are also changes to vacation, retirement funds and other items.

Here’s the AP’s statement on the contract, from Jessica Bruce, Vice President, Human Resources:

“These were very difficult talks, covering difficult topics in uncertain economic times. With this agreement now in place, AP and its staff can now focus their attention and energy on the initiatives critical to driving revenue so that AP can stay competitive and maintain its leadership in the media marketplace.”

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