AP to Launch Content Protection Program in July, College Football Microsite in August

The Associated Press’ News Registry, which lets member organizations tag and track their content online, will be officially launched this summer. It’s currently undergoing a beta test with about 200 members. The AP says another 400 organizations will start using the system by July 14.

The system allows member organizations to see where their content is being used out on the Web, so they can monitor whether it’s being used by sites that haven’t paid for it. It also includes the beginnings of an e-commerce system.

“Beyond analytics, the Registry also will set the stage for a new way of doing business as a Cooperative,” says AP President and CEO Tom Curley. “Every content creator who uses the Registry will be able to set the rights for the use of that content, so that it can be copied legally or used in new products that the industry or others create with proper permission and compensation.”

The AP also announced today that a new college football microsite will go online in August, gathering official AP coverage and coverage by AP member organizations all in a single place. It’s the second offering from AP Gateway, the new business unit tasked with creating new services. Their first product was the AP application for the iPad.