Apmetrix adds 40 new data sources to mobile analytics platform


Analytics platform Apmetrix has added 40 new data sources to its real-time analytics service. These sources include both sites and applications like Facebook, Comscore, Flurry, Google Analytics and AdWords, Fiksu, Tumblr, Vimeo, Yahoo! and YouTube, among others. With these new data sources, app publishers and marketers will have even more data to analyze before making business decisions about their mobile products.

Across all of these data sources, the Apmetrix platform allows publishers to analyze revenue, advertising, social networks and more in real-time. In addition, the platform supports unlimited push notifications and targeted emails, which can be customized for each user based on their individual behavior.

These users are separated based on the platform’s segmentation features, which offer real-time user segmentation, without a processing delay.


The Apmetrix platform can also be used to predict user loyalty and churn rates, future revenues and more, based on individual networks. That is, publishers can determine which networks result in the best end users, which helps when planning future marketing campaigns.

“The mobile app space is becoming increasingly competitive and complex,” said Lee Jacobson, Apmetrix CEO. “App publishers really want to bring all of their data together in one place and view it in a meaningful way. We provide a number of features and tools that simplify and summarize data that answers complex questions. The Apmetrix platform not only gathers data, but provides the analysis that publishers can use to take action and increase revenues.”

More information on the Apmetrix platform is available on the company’s website.

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