APOCALYPSE WATCH: Fox News Features the Chupacabra — a Patriotic Muslim

This woman just won the Internet.

ATTENTION ALL HATERS: Yes, Islamophobes, bigots, and others hiding behind bald eagles and semi-automatic rifles while spewing Muslim discord, none other than Fox News has really done it this time.

Last night with Megyn Kelly, Fox News found the unicorn horn, the pot at the end of the rainbow, Bigfoot’s mama, and Area 51 with its most recent guest.

Meet Saba Ahmed, the founder of the Republican Muslim Coalition. That’s right, the R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N + M-U-S-L-I-M Coalition. Wait, what?! 

Yes, there she is, in all her nationalistic and religious splendor, wearing a hijab that just happens to look like Old Glory. And what she said on Fox News shut down the place. Why? She made sense.

It wasn’t hatred. It wasn’t denial. It wasn’t an episode of the Jerry Springer show. It was well-thought out and finely considered debate about why lumping all Muslims in the same pile because of the malevolent deeds of a few isn’t right.

Kelly, who appeared to be trolling, asked Ahmed to respond to research from “experts” that shows “the mosques tend to be hotbeds for political activity, not as much religious activity.” Ahmed responded:

“Megyn, we go to the mosque to pray … The mosque has nothing to do with the terrorists. Yes, there are people who misuse religion for their perverted ideology, but that has nothing to do with my faith.”

Tawla. Dropped. (It’s a Muslim thing… you wouldn’t understand.)

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