App Developers Driving Facebook Page Fans Through Fan Box Interstitials

While developers and Facebook Platform ad networks are double-checking their ad inventory this week after several large apps were suspended this weekend, some developers are beginning to explore alternative forms of advertising.

One interesting tactic we’ve seen more of lately is the use of Facebook’s Fan Box widget to drive fans to Facebook Pages before showing users the results of a quiz or friends-stats calculation. For example, check out this interstitial page from popular application Friend Facts:

As you can see, there’s nothing incentivized about the promotion; rather, the developer of the application is simply promoting certain Facebook Pages while “Friend Facts are being computed.”

With over 3.3 million monthly active users, Friend Facts is likely able to drive a reasonable number of fans to Facebook Pages. Currently, it’s sending traffic to a combination of what appear to be active business Pages (like CityMommy) and generic Pages (like Gadget Purse).

We’ll keep tabs on new forms of advertising we see popping up inside the Platform.

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