Appia reveals top five tips for mobile user acquisition


User acquisition network Appia has revealed its top five tips for mobile user acquisition. From choosing the right ad format to targeting the right geographical region, Appia says each element must be considered to maximize success in an increasingly competitive market.

Appia’s infographic analyzes ad formats, saying that users are 25 percent more likely to look at native ads than banner ads, and will look at them 53 percent more frequently. Elsewhere, users have been shown to recall branded banner ads 38 percent of the time, while interstitial ads allow for fewer accidental clicks due to their larger size.

Global ad spend for rich media ads grew 117 percent from Q3 to Q4 of 2013, with spending on location-targeting for mobile ads expected to reach $10.8 billion by 2017. By targeting ads to users, Appia says publishers and developers will offer users a better experience, which can enhance brand affinity and loyalty.

However, Appia says publishers can’t be satisfied with one-off marketing campaigns. Instead, brands should retarget users with re-engagement campaigns, in-app retargeting for users who didn’t convert during previous campaigns and more. This mobile retargeting can drive an increase in click-through rates of 46 percent, and can increase sales by 18 percent.

Appia’s full user acquisition infographic is available below, with more information on the company’s website.


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