Apple All-Time Mobile Sales: 100+ Million iPhones. Nearly 20 million iPads

Apple reported record quarterly revenues yesterday despite lower than expected (by analysts) iPad sales in their 2011 Q2.

Apple Reports Second Quarter Results

Apple provided 2011 Q2 sales figures for their iOS lineup. This means that I can update the total sales count that I reported on yesterday.

160 Million iOS Devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) Sold So Far

You may note that the revised pie chart shown here doesn’t look different from the one presented yesterday. But, there are some interesting changes and a at least one standout numnber.

From a total mobile iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) point of view, there were small but interesting marketshare changes (note that there are rounding errors):

– iPhone +0.25%
– iPod touch -1.14%
– iPad +0.88%

While these numbers are probably zero change from a statistical significance point of view, it is interesting to note the small marketshare shifts could be attributed to people buying an iPad instead of an iPod touch. This actually makes sense from the point of view of a handy device to use around the house over WiFi. But, again, the difference is so small, this is just an observation on my part.

The really interesting number is the 108,621,000 iPhone sold since day one way back in 2007. Yes, the iPhone crossed the 100 million units sold milestone. And while the iPad’s recent quarter sales may be below analyst expectations, note that nearly 20 million iPads were sold in a few days less than 12 months. The iPad became available on April 4, 2010 while Apple’s second quarter ended on March 26, 2011.

The total number of mobile iOS devices will probably cross the 200 million unit threshold in a matter of weeks.

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