Apple and Google Have Different Points of View

Today as I was reading Edd Dumbill’s article about the iPad…

iPad falls short on cloud integration

…I was struck by the differences between Google and Apple’s view of the smartphone market. To me Apple’s smartphone view is running applications on an easy to use, elegant phone, to get things done while on the run. Google’s smartphone view is to provide easy access to the information we need to get things done while on the run. The most obvious sign of this difference is the Search button on Android phones, and the Home button on the iPhone.

Google’s focus is on making it very easy to retrieve and use information on the phone, perhaps to the detriment of making Android phones the easiest to use. Apple’s focus on making the iPhone easiest to use has meant it has not focused enough on making it easy to synchronize information between the Internet and the phone. Both companies need to improve on the weaknesses of their phone software, which turns out to be the strength of their competitor’s phone. Perhaps that is what Steve and Eric were talking about over coffee?

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