Apple Announces Free iTunes Radio with Ad-Free Service for iTunes Match Subscribers

Apple is finally entering the internet radio service and there’s Led Zeppelin included. Why is this significant? Well, as of now, iTunes is the only streaming radio service to secure the rights to Led Zeppelin tunes and they’ve also managed to include major recording labels like Warner, Universal, and Sony. Remember when Google introduced its music streaming service and I lamented about not being able to find Vampire Weekend’s latest album? Well, the iTune Radio demo at WWDC actually featured a song from the new album! I’m smitten.

Aside from the enormous iTunes music collection available for streaming- you can also listen to music trending on Twitter. How’s that for competition? The new radio from Apple will be using algorithms to play similar artists and tags like Pandora while keeping tabs on all of your music listening history across all devices like If you like any of the songs you’ve streamed, just go into your music history to purchase. If you want to miss out on the ads, just pay $24.99 per year on any device including Apple TV. For fun, you can also ask Siri to play your songs.

Radio wont’ be coming until this fall and only for the US at first, so international listeners will have to wait. Hopefully, not too long.

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