Apple App Store has now paid out $9B to developers

Apple announced on its earning call today that the Apple App Store has now paid out $9 billion to developers. This means that the Apple App Store has earned a total of $12.8 billion over its lifetime, with Apple earning $3.8 billion from a 30 percent cut of sales. Apple also shared that $4.5 billion of that amount was gained in the last four quarters alone.Ā This means that Apple now pays developers over $billion per quarter.

The Apple App Store, availableĀ in 155 countries, now hosts more than 850,000 iOS apps and 350,000 dedicated iPad apps, adding 50,000 apps since Apple’s last reported figure from its earnings report in January.

The App Store, which exceeded 40 billion downloads in the last fiscal quarter, has now reached 45 billion downloads, meaning it now sees a staggering 800 app downloads per second.