Apple Dubs LibreDigital a ‘Certified eBook Aggregator’ for ithe Pad

So you’re a publisher and you want to get your eBooks into the iBookstore. How do you do it? LibreDigital is one offical way. Apple has named LibreDigital a Certified eBook Aggregator for the iBookstore. What’s that mean? LibreDigital is now the preferred pipeline for publishers to get their books onto the iPad. Look at LibreDigital’s site for more info.

LibreDigital was one of the first big players to handle conversion, warehousing and distribution for eBooks, so it’s not surprising that Apple should pick them. They already handle eBooks for many of the biggest publishers, including HarperCollins, Hachette, and Simon & Schuster.

While LibreDigital isn’t the only aggregator Apple is endorsing, this is a big coup for the company nonetheless.

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