Apple & Griffin iPad Power Adapter Block Designs Both Get a Thumbs Down

Image provided by Griffin

So, you have a “magical and revolutionary” iPad. It wants a lot of power to recharge. Your old iPod and iPhone chargers don’t cut it. Your desktop or notebook computer probably doesn’t either (the dreaded “Not Charging” status message on the iPad). So, you really don’t want to misplace that 10W charge Apple supplied with your iPad. Apple’s iPad 10W USB Power Adapter won’t ship until the end of the month. So, I was interested to learn that Griffin introduced their own line of iPad chargers.

Your iPad is powerless without us!

Unfortunately, their PowerBlock for iPad ($29.99) and PowerJolt for iPad car charger ($24.99) aren’t available either. And, it is even more unfortunate that both Apple and Griffin chose to design these chargers to be space hogs on a powerstrip. Both have huge overhangs in both directions on each side of the prong making adjacent sockets unusuable by other plugs.

Big thumbs down for both designs.