Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote Control Failures Covered by Replacement Plan

If you have the Apple headphones with inline controls that ship with the controless iPod shuffles or either of the Apple ear-phones with remote and mic that are sold separately, you should check out this ars technica item:

Apple to replace problematic headphones with inline remote

If your Apple headphones failed, don’t throw them out. ars technica advises you to contact Apple who will replace your headphones free of charge if you follow their instructions which includes returning the failed headphone product.

You can find details about the replacing your non-functional Apple headphones here:

Apple Headphones with Remote Replacement Program

Apple will replace your headphones if they fail or intermittently have any of the problems listed below:

– Controls are non-responsive or work intermittently
– Unexpected volume increase or decrease
– Unexpected playing of voice feedback

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