Apple iPad Keyboard Dock Designers Took a Wrong Design Turn Somewhere

In a rare design screw-up, Apple really took a wrong turn somewhere with the

Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

This $69 accessory starts out well by taking Apple’s compact wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard form factor, adding a row of iPad specific keys (top row), and tossing this on a substantial and sturdy dock for the iPad with an audio out connector for speakers and a 30-pin connector for charging. Unfortunately, it has some significant issues:

– That sturdy dock is a solid molded piece. It does not fold or otherwise become more compact for transportation. This means it will not fit in most backpacks, shoulder bags, and netbook carry cases

– It would have been nice if a spare A/C adapter were included with the keyboard dock given its $69 price

– An iPad in Apple’s somewhat difficult to remove iPad case cannot fit on the dock. I suppose I could buy another iPad case. But, the fact is that I like Apple’s iPad case and its screen protection feature.

Taking the iPad out of and then reinserting it into the iPad is such a hassle that I haven’t even tried the Keyboard Dock yet.

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