Apple’s Q2 iPad Sales Fall Short of Estimates at 4.69M, While iPhone Sales Beat Them

Apple’s iPad sales fell short of analysts’ estimates by more than 1 million units in the first quarter. Despite this, it was the second-highest quarter in iPad sales so far after the last holiday season, which was naturally higher at 7.33 million units.

The company said it sold every iPad 2 it could make and attributed the lower-than-estimated iPad sales to a backlog in production. Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook also said that the company didn’t expect any material effects to the iPad and iPhone supply chain despite Japan’s earthquake.

The company sold:

  • 4.69 million iPads, compared to a blogger-analyst estimate of 6.28 million units and the professional estimate of 6.85 million
  • 18.65 million iPhones, beating the blogger-analyst estimate of 18.03 million phones and the professional estimate of 16.25 million phones
  • Lastly, the company sold 9.02 million iPods, compared to the blogger estimate of 9.82 million and the professional consensus of 9.94 million units.

All told, this adds up to about 189 million cumulative iOS devices sold. Yesterday comScore reported that the iOS platform’s active user base is still 59 percent larger than Android’s when accounting for tablets and other types of mobile devices like the iPod. That’s even though Android has recently surpassed the iOS platform in terms of smartphone subscribers.

One of the most interesting tidbits of information from the call refers to the potential size of the enterprise market, which could be a lucrative opportunity for developers. Apple said 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPhones.

Here’s the earnings sheet for this quarter:

Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune published this helpful chart of analysts estimates earlier this week for comparison: