Apple May Dominate Market, but Samsung Users Engage More With Ads

According to analysis of mobile ad trends

While advertisers have a far greater reach on iOS, Samsung users are more likely to engage with ads.

An analysis of mobile ad trends from U.K.-based firm Adfonic shows that while Apple receives a larger share of mobile ad requests, Samsung consistently outperforms the tech giant when it comes to engagement, including clickthrough rates.

In 2012, Apple products outperformed every other brand by a wide margin. Now, Samsung tablets could be poised to surpass the iPad: from January to March, Apple's clickthrough rate index went from 40 percent higher to just 18 percent. Samsung devices showed stronger clickthrough rates in every month of Q1, going from 15 percent stronger in January to 70 percent stronger in March.

Apple still dominates the market when it comes to impressions: the iPhone and the iPad combined garnered nearly one third of the hundreds of billions of impressions Adfonics sees each month.

"[W]e are seeing an overall trend towards the rise of open-sourced models which, while healthy for the ecosystem at large, adds complexity and fragmentation," said Adfonic CEO Victor Malachard.

Malachard said the research points to "data-driven solutions as the way to cut through this complexity and bring value to advertisers and publishers alike.”