Apple News App to Launch With More Than 50 Publishers

Get excited, iPhone users.

Apple’s News App is going to hit the ground running. According to Recode, the newsreader app will debut with more than 50 publishers, including Hearst, Vox and CondĂ© Nast.

That’s a win for iPhone users, and apparently, publishers are excited about the app too. Under the deal with Apple, publishers keep 100 percent of the ad revenue for their own ads, and 70 percent of the ad revenue for ads that Apple sells.

Hearst Magazines Digital Media president Troy Young told Recode, “What they [Apple] bring to it is massive distribution, and they’re giving publishers the ability to present their brands, in a way that feels like those brands.” Conde Nast president Bob Sauerberg added “The business model is good.”

The only people who probably aren’t happy about Apple’s News app are those running other newsreader apps, like Flipboard.