Apple now Working on an iPhone with Hybrid Epaper, LCD Display

Everyone’s all abuzz today over some paperwork that showed up on the US Patent Office website.

You’re looking at an interface diagram for a new iPhone design. If this  diagram is to be believed then Apple might be working on a phone with a second screen placed on top of  the normal LCD screen.

There’s no real info on the type of epaper screen, but most assume it’s E-ink.  So do I, but only because I know E-ink is working on dual layer screens like this.

Before you get excited, let me say that I don’t think we’ll ever see this device from Apple. The patent was filed back in 2009. We’ve seen what, 3 iPhones since then? None have this screen. Also, if Apple really was planning to release this phone then it would have delayed the patent until after the phone hit the market. Apple wouldn’t want to give ideas away to its competition.

via Apple Insider