‘Apple’ Number One Brand Among Gen Y Yuppie Douchebags

An NYU survey of Gen Y $100,000-plus earners revealed, among other things, the majority of our generation is just as generically bourgeois as our Boomer predecessors.

More than 60% of those surveyed considered themselves “brand conscious” with Apple considered the number one brand — information the participants of the survey shared without even being asked. Chanel and BMW (gag) were the number one status brands.

Trump was the most disliked status brand in the mix, with the authors of the study suggesting “although extremely brand conscious, Gen Y is wary of flashy self-promotion.”

Gotta disagree with that analysis. The authors clearly don’t watch reality TV. Gen Y has no problems with flashy self-promotion. We just prefer it delivered with a wink. Trump takes himself too seriously and is therefore tacky.

You can download the results of the survey here.

H/T LuxuryLab