Apple Planning Apple TV Revamp… With a $100 Price

Gadget blog Engadget has a doozy of a scoop today. The blog has uncovered what it says are details of the next iteration of Apple TV. Apple TV is the computer company’s (so far largely unsuccessful)effort to break into the living room.

Engadget says the new device’s software will be based off of iPhone OS 4, which would potentially allow for apps. In terms of size it was described as an “iPhone without a screen.” Incredibly, their sources peg the price at $99.

Because of the small size, the content would be streamed via the cloud, implying that Apple’s long-rumored cloud-based iTunes is almost ready for primetime.

The news comes just a week after Google unveiled its own impressive TV offering, Google TV. The difference is that Google’s product is software based, and will be built into Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes and television sets. Apple’s product will be sold straight to consumers at what seems like an amazing price.

So what can we consumers expect? Well, this would expand the Google-Apple battle to the living room, and that is good for us. The technology has the potential to redefine how we watch television, although Google and Apple have different visions as to how it should work.

Google’s product seems to keep television networks mostly at the forefront, with the potential to tie-in web series seamlessly. Apple, at least so far, as been more interested in selling TV shows through its iTunes store (where it makes money) rather than via streaming. Of course, when iTunes shows can be streamed, and apps become available on your 52 inch HDTV, the game is changed.