Apple Purchases Siri

According to various reports on the web, Apple has purchased Siri, which makes a voice controlled mobile assistant for the iPhone. I first wrote about Siri in February, after seeing a demonstration of the service. What makes Siri appealing to me is that it has the ability to understand voice commands presented in a variety of different ways, unlike most voice command applications that require the commands to be spoken in a defined format. Personally, I am disappointed by the news of Apple’s acquisition because I am sure that means there will not be an Android version.

The purchase of Siri by Apple makes sense in light of the degree of voice recognition that Google has put in Android. From the demonstrations that I have seen, Siri appears to be significantly better than Google voice search, and I imagine that Apple will deepen the integration of the program’s voice recognition with the overall phone experience. Because Apple has just purchased Siri, I expect the program will remain as it is and the integration into the iPhone OS may occur over the next year. I am also interested to see how Siri is tailored to be used on the iPad.

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