Apple Puts Earlier Version of Final Cut Pro Back On Sale

When Apple released Final Cut Pro X in June, the immediate reaction was, to put it mildly, less than stellar. Users found the $299 redesign hard to use and lacking key components available in the earlier version. Within days of the release, Apple was offering refunds.

The company has just announced customers will once again be able to purchase the previous version of the editing suite. But is this move enough to satisfy disappointed customers?

As Mashable’s Christina Warren notes, “the Final Cut Pro X rollout is one of Apple’s rare execution fumbles.”

“After receiving negative reviews from customers, Apple promised to frequently update Final Cut Pro X in order to bring its features up to par with previous versions of the venerable editing software. Apple’s competitors in the space, including Avid and Adobe, used the opportunity to offer Final Cut Pro customers cheaper migration paths to their software.”

Apple customer Ed Ethridge commented on Warren’s story that he is “disgusted” with Apple and has already switched over to Adobe’s video editing services.

“I was momentarily lured into a sense of excitement when this news came out but upon realizing it was just an inventory clearance move on Apple’s part I am even more disgusted with them,” Ethridge wrote. “This move should have been made in May, immediately following the backlash.”

In a MacRumors forum, many users also expressed frustration with Apple but said they were happy to see the computer giant respond to customers’ complaints. Commenters also floated the idea that this more humble Apple is due to the influence of Tim Cook, the new head of Apple who is replacing Steve Jobs.

“Good. It’s nice to see Apple caving… could this be Tim’s first real decision? Good show,” wrote user furi0usbee.

The legacy version of Final Cut Pro will not be available in Apple Retail stores or at, reports MacRumors. If you do want to buy it, you’ll need to call Apple at 800-MY-APPLE and ask for Final Cut Studio, part number MB642Z/A. The software is still pricey, clocking in at $999.

What do you think about Apple’s decision to put the old version of Final Cut Pro back on sale? Is this Tim Cook’s influence?