Apple Kills iPad App Leaderboard In iTunes

After promoting iPad applications within the iTunes store, Apple has removed the iPad leaderboards all together. While the rationale behind this move has not been publicly stated, many have suggested that iPad developers are simply not generating a large amount of revenue. This latest move by Apple suggests that initial arguments that the iPad is not a new gold rush for developers may be true.

Tapulous, who has sold over 700,000 copies of “Tap Tap Revenge” in a single day, has sold under 100,000 versions of the application on iPads so far. While around half a million iPads have been sold so far, many are suggesting that many users have stopped buying apps because they spend most of their time using the browser given the larger screen.

The casual use computer appears to be a poor source of application sales for the time being and as a result Apple has killed the iPad leaderboard all together. Will the leaderboard return to the iTunes store in the near future? Our guess is that Apple will start making a distinction between the two types of applications once sales pick up which will most likely happen after the company has sold millions of iPad devices.

For now, nobody knows when that will happen because nobody actually needs an iPad. While sales have been moderate, Apple clearly does not have another iPhone hit … at least for the time being. Who knows what will happen once Apple announces their new iPhone OS later today.

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