Apple Stores Finally Switching from Windows Mobile to iPod touch for Mobile Checkout Solution

If you go into an Apple Store and complete a purchase by having a store employee use a mobile POS (point of sale) device, take a close look at that device. It is Microsoft Windows Mobile based device from Symbol. You can see a photo of the device used to complete my purchase of an iPhone 3G last November. Many of us (or least me) expected this Windows Mobile based POS to be replaced by an iPod touch based system right after the iPhone 3GS and iPhone OS 3.0 was released. However, it looks like it took a bit longer than expected. AppleInsider reports that this migration to an Apple-based system is in progress now…

Apple stores upgrading from Windows-based EasyPay to iPod touch

So, look for an all-Apple based sales solution in your local Apple Store this holiday shopping season.