Apple’s ‘Get A Mac’ Campaign Gone But Not Forgotten

Apple’s beloved ‘Get A Mac’ campaign is over after one of the most long-lived advertising runs of all time. But just because you won’t be seeing the quirky ads on television or on Apple’s website anymore doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to them forever. One More Thing Podcast has compiled the best parts of all the ‘Get A Mac’ spots into one clip – a tribute to celebrate the end of Apple’s campaign.

So far over 122,000 people have watched One More Thing’s ‘Get a Mac Tribute’, which is made up of a collection of more than 60 ‘Get a Mac’ spots and is 3:45 minutes long. The comments are smattered with a mix of people who love the campaign and Windows lovers speaking their minds.

The ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, which began it’s long run in 2006, has been replaced on Apple’s website with the new ‘Why You’ll Love a Mac’ campaign, which asks consumers, “Why get a new PC and just upgrade your computer, when you can get a Mac and upgrade your entire computer experience?” There are currently no television ads for the new campaign, but it will be interesting to see how Mac will upgrade their old campaign to something even better.

I think that whether or not you are an Apple lover or a Windows enthusiast it’s hard not to admit that ‘Get a Mac’ was a fantastic campaign. So check out One More Thing’s tribute, think back fondly on Apple’s campaign and look forward to what they’ll come up with next.

How did you feel about the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign over the years? Do you think Apple made the right move retiring the old campaign and moving on to something new?

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