Apple’s iOS 7 impact on Facebook: image sharing capabilities, multitasking

At its annual developer’s conference, Apple has announced iOS 7, a complete revamp of its mobile operating system. Sporting a new, flatter look, the company has made significant updates to all facets of the operating system, including more robust image sharing capabilities and upgraded multitasking support.

For Facebook and its applications, Apple highlighted improved multitasking features such as apps updating feeds automatically in the background. It will also push full app updates from the app store automatically as well. This could be spell good news for Facebook as they are able to push new Facebook app updates faster and easier. It will be important to only push forward stable app releases as instability issues may turn users off and mar Facebook’s mobile reputation.

With automatic updates, users may consume more stories in the news feed which could increase ad impressions. However, it may cause for more users to miss stories as they may not be browsing the social network at certain points in the day.

Another feature that Apple has introduced is its upgraded photo sharing capabilities. Apple looks at using iCloud for sharing photos and videos between iOS users more easily. iOS 7 has updated photo album organization and Photo Stream sharing. Through Control Center, users will be able to share more in-app content more easily as well. It has also introduced photo filters to its camera applications similar to Instagram.

Apple seems to be taking a more private approach when it comes to image sharing. With Photo Streams and Airdrop, Apple looks to empower users to share more images internally from device-to-device instead of through a separate social network like Facebook. While it lacks some of to inherent social network abilities available such as comments and likes, image streams provide iOS users with a new way to share photos with friends privately.

While it is expected for iOS 7 to still offer deep Facebook integration like iOS 6 before it, Apple looks to be making strides in using iCloud for sharing between users. With Home, Facebook has maintained a closer relationship with Android development and Apple looks willing to offer its own iterations before Facebook’s. Apple looks more interested in creating its own solutions between users within its platform.