Apple’s iPhone 4 Event: iBooks Comes to iPhone

iPad’s been in the world less than a week and nontheless, Apple’s already building buzz for its next big launch: iPhone OS 4.0, which will run iPhones beginning this summer. It’s going to bring a few much-requested features to both devices, including multitasking. The New York Times live-blogged the whole event, but here are some of the highlights.

Multitasking is the biggest news for iPhone users. With the implementation of iPhone OS 4, the iPhone will be able to run more than oen app at once, like the Palm Pre and Android phones.

But, the biggest news for eBN readers is that iPhone 4 will bring iBooks to the iPhone, allowing users to sync their eBooks between their iPad and iPhone, and also opening up a whole new device and larger user-base to the iBookstore. Publishers and eBook readers have got to be happy about that.

The other big piece of news is Apple’s new mobile advertising venter, iAd, but that’s news for another blog. There are a cople other new features, including app folders and iPad-like wallpaper for the iPhone.

iPhone OS 4 won’t hit iPad until the fall, according to Engadget, which also live-blogged the event.

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