Apple's Steve Jobs & Adobe's Kevin Lynch Exchange Interesting Flash Words: My Prediction is it Won't Matter in a Few Years

Interesting six point summary of why Adobe Flash will not be allowed on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by:

Apple CEO Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash

1. Flash is not “open” with acknowledgement that Apple’s operating systems are proprietary too
2. Adobe’s claim that Apple mobile devices can’t access the “full” (read: Flash enabled) web is true, but who cares
3. Reliability, security, and performance are big Flash problems
4. Flash kills battery life
5. Flash is not designed to be used in a touch interface
6. Third party development layers results in sub-standard apps and hinders platform progress

The response from:

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch: Moving Forward

was short, realistic, and appropriate I think. Mr. Lynch simply said Adobe and its Flash platform is walking away from Apple and its iPhone OS and will focus on other mobile platforms.

The non-Flash iPhone OS world and apparent coming Flash-enabled world for every other mobile platform should be an interesting battle if one arises. My suspicion is that HTML4/H.264 adoption is well underway and this won’t matter in a few years.

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