Appleseed Movie (Anime) in an App: Thumbs Up or Down for This App Concept?

I’m on record as being against books-in-a-single-app as well as single-issue-magazines-in-an-app (like Time). So, what, you might wonder, do I make of a movie-in-an-app? Here’s the first such app that I’ve noticed for the iPhone:

Appleseed Special Edition

This $7.99 app for the iPhone contain a complete 105 minute movie (Anime). It also includes wallpapers and information about the movie’s backstory, character development and clips for each of the main characters. In other words, it delivers the extras often found on DVD or Blu-ray discs but not in digital movie downloads.

While I still don’t like the idea of wrapping a single media item in an app, I have to give credit to this app and its publishers for its good points:

1. It is less expensive than typical DVDs
2. It is less expensive than typical digital movie downloads
3. It provides the kind of “extras” often found on DVD and Blu-ray disc movie releases

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