Apps Updated on my iPhone & iPad in the Past Week: 35

Thirty-five (35) of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

1Password Pro 3.5.9

ABC News 3.0 Live streaming for breaking news and special events

AccuWeather 4.2

AroundMe 4.1.5

* ARSoccer 0.8 iPad 2 camera support

Atari Greatest Hits 1.1 Missle Command is the new free game

Bubbles 2.1

* CBS News for iPad 1.3 New content section & live video streaming for special events

Civil War America’s Epic Struggle 1.1 New sections in Weapons of War.

* Dragon Dictation 2.0.8

Dragon Search 1.3.8

* Dropbox 1.4 Tab interface is back. New multiple file upload interface.

Echofon for Twitter 4.0.5

Eye-Fi 2.0.1 Eye-Fi Direct Mode support. Transfer videos from Eye-Fi X2 card to iPhone or iPad over WiFi

Facebook 3.4.1

Friendly for Facebook 3.5.1 Startup problem in 3.5 fixed?

Genius Scan 2.1 Higher PDF quality. Export scans to Twitter. Upload PDF to Evernote with paid + version.

* GoodReader for iPad 3.6.0 Able to use iOS encryption feature with individual files

* iBooks 1.2.2

Instagram 1.6.1

iShakuhachi 1.01

* Kindle 2.7

Layar 5.0.1

LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scanvenger Hunt 1.1 REMOVED FROM UPDATE LIST. Will no longer follow this app.

Multipong 2.1.1

NASA App 1.37

* NASA App HD 1.13

* NPR for iPad 1.6.1

Pandora Radio 3.1.9 Works with BMW 2011 cars with BMW Apps option. Also supports 2011 Mini-cooper

* Plants vs. Zombies HD 1.0.4 Fixed missing audio for iPad 2

* PogoplugHD 2.1

Seafood Watch 3.0.5

Sekai Camera 2.9.0

Train Conductor 2.0.1 iPad and iPad 2 support

White Noise 4.9 New alarms. New settings (MIx with Music, Snooze Time, iPod control integration)