AppsFlyer Shared Its Findings on 2018 Marketing Trends in Mobile Games

Hyper Casual titles are on the rise

Brazil had the highest number of Hyper Casual installations driven by app install campaigns - Credit by Devrimb/iStock

Mobile attribution and data analytics company AppsFlyer released its latest State of Gaming 2018 report, analyzing current marketing trends across various mobile game categories.

The report analyzed 2.1 billion non-organic installs from 5,500 applications throughout 2018, and it broke gaming apps down into four major categories: Midcore & Strategy, Casual, Hyper Casual (apps with at least 70 percent of revenue driven by advertising) and Casino.

The report showed that the Hyper Casual category, consisting of games with basic mechanics, experienced growth of 3.5 times in its share of total gaming app installations in 2018. Hyper Casual experienced the greatest percentage change (295 percent) in the average number of non-organic installs from the second quarter of 2018 through the third quarter.

The report reads, “Marketing investment among larger and more mature Midcore & Strategy and Casual apps has increased, although we can see opposite trends between quarters. The new kid on the block—Hyper Casual—is showing quite the fluctuation. This is likely the result of experimentation and a better understanding of the formula for success over time, resulting in the leap from the second quarter to the third quarter.”

Breaking down non-organic installations by country, AppsFlyer found that Brazil had the highest number of Hyper Casual installations that were driven by app install campaigns, followed by the U.K. and the U.S. Meanwhile, campaigns in South Korea, Russia and Indonesia greatly favored Midcore & Strategy games. Australia was found to have the lowest share of non-organic installs in the Midcore & Strategy category but the highest number for Casino games.

Finally, while in-app purchases remain the largest revenue stream for Midcore & Strategy games, in-app advertising has become the largest revenue stream for the Casual category, with a 56 percent to 44 percent revenue split between in-app advertising and in-app purchases seen in November.

Users interested in reading the full report can do so here.

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