April Fools’ Day From NPR

Legendary Arthur Di Fecanti has been reading the well-known “Support for NPR comes from…” announcements since May of 1971.

Now they’re offering a boxed set of all the recordings.

“The set represents a massive amount of work. Nothing in recent memory – not even the Neil Young archives project or the 31-disc set of Daniel Schorr Commentaries: The Dutch Years, 1940-1953 – comes close. But this isn’t merely entertainment. The Funding Announcements Collection serves as an almost complete oral history of corporate America.

“NPR programs are supported by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. Watching over your investments so you don’t have to,” the accompanying story to the video says.

“This boxed set isn’t perfect. There’s inevitably some repetition over the years.”

The last line of the story: “Just kidding. Happy April Fools’ Day!”

Watch the bizarre video here.

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