April Fool’s Day Takes Over Twitter

Be wary of believing anything that seems too good (or too bizarre) to be true today. It’s April Fools’ Day, and the people of Twitter are trying their best to dupe you into being a fool. Watch out for unbelievable trending topics, and even some “news” from one of your favorite Twitter dashboards that is a hoax.

The number one trending topic as of press time is “#aprilfools”. Earlier in the day, the trending topic list has seen “april fool”, “april fools”, “prank” and “fools day” grace its list. Today seems to be something celebrated (or rued) around the world, at least by Twitter users.

There is a veritable April Fools’ Day frenzy happening now in the hashtag #aprilfools, with people creating pranks, responding to them, and discussing just what they’d do to anyone who tried to prank them. Take a look at some of the top tweets right now:

One of the most notorious internet pranksters out there, Google, has managed to get its April Fools’ Day hoax on the trending topics list too: “Gmail Motion”, a “radical new way to interact with your Gmail” by using your body instead of hands to compose email. Think Wii for email. The landing page is typically professional looking, and it could actually be the launch of a new product… except that it’s not. Check out the guy demoing Gmail Motion in the video, and you’ll see why it’s just plain ridiculous.

Google also graces the trending topics list with another prank: “Helvetica”. We won’t tell you anything about this, except that you should try typing it into Google Search.

And finally, one of the most popular Twitter dashboards is getting in on the pranking too. If you logged in to HootSuite this morning, you’ll have noticed a brand new product: HootSuite Happy Owls. It’s an Angry Birds clone using that little HootSuite owl in a slingshot, aiming at targets underneath block of wood, ice and other material.

You can actually “play” the demo on the Happy Owls website too!

Have you seen any other great pranks on Twitter today?