April the Giraffe Captivated YouTube to the Tune of 232 Million-Plus Live Views

Animal Adventure Park became YouTube's second most live-viewed channel in just 66 days

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The weeks-long livestreaming on YouTube of the birth of a giraffe racked up more than 232 million live views and some 7.6 billion minutes of live watch time from Feb. 10 through Saturday, when April finally gave birth to a male calf.

YouTube head of culture and trends Kevin Allocca said in a blog post that despite only launching 66 days ago, Animal Adventure Park surged to become the second most live-viewed channel in the history of the Google-owned video site.

Other stats related to April the giraffe from Allocca included:

  • Average time watched for the livestream was more than 30 minutes, across a daily average of 3.5 million views.
  • Saturday, the day of the birth, was the biggest day for the channel, at more than 14 million live views.
  • The livestream had more than 1.2 million simultaneous viewers at 6:55 a.m. PT/9:55 a.m. ET Saturday, making it one of the top five most-watched moments for live events on YouTube.
  • Animal Adventure Park became the fifth-fastest YouTube channel to reach 200 million views, doing so in 54 days.
  • Animal Adventure Park is one of only seven YouTube channels to top 100 million views, and it was the fastest to reach that mark.
  • Animal Adventure Park has received more than 4,400 Super Chat messages, making it the second-highest Super Chat earner in terms of revenue.

Allocca added in his blog post:

April wasn’t just the star of a popular stream; she sparked a pop-culture phenomenon, with YouTube creators and fans posting videos of their own that were watched more than 48.7 million times, including day-by-day analysis of pregnancy signs, baby showers and anxious messages about the wait.

We’ve seen some of the biggest events in music, sports, politics and gaming play out on YouTube over the years. Thanks to one endearing mother giraffe, we’ll have to add animal events to that list now, too.

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