Mobile Analytics Provider Apsalar Picks Up $5 Million in Funding

Apsalar, which is trying to bring a much more sophisticated form of analytics to mobile developers, raised a $5 million round in funding from Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures and DN Capital. It adds to the company’s $800,000 seed round of funding from 500 Startups, Morado Venture Partners and Seraph Group. Don Butler, managing director at Thomvest Ventures joins Apsalar’s board of directors.

Apsalar offers several different kinds of analytics from basic data such as the devices or location of users, how many sessions they’ve had and whether they’re returning or new. But then it also offers more complicated data like cross-application analytics — meaning if you have more than one app, you can track all of your users from a single dashboard. You can see how users are progressing through the funnel (or through a series of steps in a game) across multiple apps. A developer can also track whether they’re successfully cross-selling users from one app to another.

There is also user segmentation, which lets developers track how gamers are progressing differently depending on whether they’re new or returning or what level of the game they’re at. Cohort analysis lets you track how users are progressing depending on the date when they first starting playing the game. That allows a developer know if any tweaks they’ve made to the on-boarding process or to other parts of the game are actually helping convert more players.

Apsalar’s analytics are free, although the company original emphasized the freemium model with many different pricing tiers.

The company is in a fiercely competitive space with long-established rivals like Flurry, which recently overhauled its analytics product. However, Apsalar says that Flurry’s product lacks conversion funnel analysis, which shows how well a user is progressing through a series of actions like in a game, or flexible cohort analysis.

Chief executive Michael Oiknine says that other analytics products tend to do well when developers want to measure and learn about their users, but they fall short when supporting A/B testing or personalization for suers.

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