Architectural Record Calls Out Arch Daily for Plagiarism

An issue has popped up between two sites we visit on a regular, usually daily basis, Architectural Record and Arch Daily. The former, AR, has recently found an article published on Arch Daily that not only borrows liberally from original reporting by Architectural Record’s news editor Jenna McKnight, but at times outright copies and pastes sentences, as well as re-uses photographs taken by McKnight herself, all without permission. AR has called out the site on their blog, in a post entitled “When Blogs Plagiarize.” It’s become something of a standard debate, with the magazine writing that they “work very hard” and “spend a lot of money” putting together original content, only to see it stolen from them, often without even a nod back. Strangely, in this case with Arch Daily, they include attribution for the images and a quick “via” link at the very end; though again, done so without permission. Since AR’s posting, the opposing side has taken down their post, a 404 now existing where the page once was. Thus far, no apologies that we’ve seen, nor an admitting of wrong-doing, but this seems like the sort of thing that might get a little traction, so perhaps its yet to come.