Architecture for Humanity Acquires Worldchanging

A big marriage between two major players in the world of trying to do go via design this week with the announcement that Cameron Sinclair‘s Architecture for Humanity has acquired Worldchanging, the seven year old sustainability news site. According to the press release, over the next six months, Worldchanging will be brought/folded into Architecture for Humanity’s Open Architecture Network, which had previously functioned as more of a site dedicated to sharing resources and information instead of daily news and commentary. Once the two are blended together, which AH promises will be managed by an independent entity and will stick with the Worldchanging brand, it “will include project management tools, offer case studies on innovative solutions and provide tools for aid and development organizations evaluate their programs in the field.” Here’s a bit more info about the acquisition process:

Over the summer, Architecture for Humanity met with over sixty writers, contributors, stakeholders and supporters to envision the transition of these sites. “Worldchanging has helped frame the global conversation on sustainability over the past seven years, and we couldn’t be more excited for Architecture for Humanity to take the reins and continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve together,” Worldchanging co-founder Jamais Cascio noted “I can’t imagine Worldchanging being in better hands.”

Many of the original writers to Worldchanging, including co-founders Jamais Cascio and Alex Steffen, have signed up to contribute to the new site.

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