Archos 7 Home Tablet Shipping Now. Why I Canceled My Pre-order

The Android-based Archos 7 Home Tablet is shipping from Amazon now for $199.99. It qualifies for Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping. So, there’s no cost to ship one in the U.S. Amazon notes that it is in stock but requires and extra day or two to process.

You might recall that I pre-ordered one last month but canceled the pre-order last week after considering the following details:

1. It is based on Android OS 1.5. Version 2.1 is the current version. And, version 2.2 was announced this week

2. Early reviews indicated it is relatively slow. After using a zippy Droid and Nexus One, I didn’t want to settle for a slow Android tablet

3. It has a resistive screen and does not support multi-touch

4. It cannot download and install apps from the Android Market although Archos provides its own market and there is a workaround to install other Android apps

5. There are other Android tablets in the queue. I have an iPad to satisfy my tablet needs for now. So, I can wait.