Are Android Tablets a “Bag of Hurt” Too? Maybe Not

In 2008, Apple’s Steve Jobs described Blu-ray as a bag of hurt. In 2011, Blu-ray is more-or-less mainstream. But, it looks like streaming video in general and Netflix in partictular is the real video media winner. While Android appears to be the winner in the smartphone market, the same can’t be said of the Android tablet market which has been struggling to find a flagship product to rally around. CNN/Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt reported:

Analyst: 25,000 to 120,000 Xooms sold. Motorola Mobility’s survival at risk

The analyst quoted and referred to in the article, Global Equities’ Trip Chowdry, apparently suggests competition by litigation instead of technology.

My take is that Android more-or-less flopped out the smartphone gate in 2008. Android’s success did not start to build until the Motorola Droid was released in November 2009. The (mostly) fits and starts in Android tablet space may need a year of smoothing before everything starts clicking. If this is true, keep an eye Android tablets in the Fall 2011 timeframe.

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