Are ‘Bullsh*t’ and ‘Sh*t’ Fit For Print?

In today’s A section of today’s WaPo are two words that might make a reader’s eyes bulge. Not because they are terribly jarring, but because for WaPo — a publication that typically errs on the side of not offending 87-year-old church ladies — they are surprising.

The words are “shit” and “bullshit.” Read here.

Hey Fishbowlers… what do you think? Is it beneath WaPo to print these expletives or do you think it’s about time they filth things up a little? Write us at or at

See context after the jump…

From WaPo: It started with a proposal by council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large) to raise taxes on wealthy city residents. Catania, noting that at least two members had failed to pay their taxes on time, called the measure hypocritical. Mendelson quickly responded that he didn’t think it was appropriate for Catania to bring up his colleagues’ personal behavior as part of the debate. Before Mendelson could finish his sentence, Catania shot back, “I don’t give a shit what you think.”

Brown pleaded for order, but Evans, another opponent of a tax increase, snapped at Mendelson, calling his objection “bullshit.”

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