Are BW Employees Entering A ‘Sweatshop’?

That’s the question posed by The Business Insider, which noticed that in 2001, BusinessWeek found a Bloomberg reporter who called the place a “journalistic sweatshop.” In BW’s April 23, 2001 cover story, Bloomberg LP was revealed to be a place where “loyalty is prized (he never rehires employees), titles are nonexistent (not to mention offices), and bravado is encouraged.”

“‘The expectations were ridiculous,’ said a former Bloomberg reporter. ‘Ten-hour days without a break were routine.'”

The Business Insider says that at Bloomberg, employees often chat via IM, even though they’re sitting “elbow-to-elbow” in a big open floor plan with no cubes. BusinessWeek’s set up more like a traditional office, with cubicles, hallways, corner offices and hallways with solid walls.

Bloomberg swears the “sweatshop” myth is overblown and that the company’s been given a bad reputation.

Plus, TBI says, “Bloomberg’s offices are awesome.”

Anyone seen the rumored curved escalator in person?

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